Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Internet is Back up, Challenge Updates Week 3 &4

April 22 Week 3 and April 29th Week 4
Now for my challenge update.
1. Eat a well balanced breakfast each day. (I had breakfast most days, need to work on them some more)
2. Cardio Exercise at least 30 minutes a day( 4 out of 7 days)
3. Add strength training 3x a week (2 day)
4. Drink 8 (8oz) glasses of water a day (yes,)
5. Do two 5k races (didn't do the on April 24th due to the weather, but doing on this Saturday May 8th)
6. Save 5 dollars a week ( check)
7. Spend quite time with God (need to work on this)
8. Read weight loss related information for more ideas and support (yes)
9. Go to my TOPS meeting (yes)

The of 4/22 when I weight in I didn't lose and I didn't gain. I was happy. Then last thursday 4-29 I got on the scale and it went down and down a little more for a total of 5lbs lost. I know some of it was more than likely water weight, due to switching blood pressure medicine. And then I finally got all the new blood pressure meds over the weekend and I'm happy to say its back down in the normal range. I'm hoping to see a loss this week as well. I'll update tomorrow nite.

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Rettakat said...

Hey, glad you are up and running again! Looks like you are doing well, and identifying the areas you want to work on.
And wow, congrats on the 5 pound loss! Even if part is water, that's 5 pounds less you have to lug around. :-)
Good to hear from you,