Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My week so Far

Thanks for the input on my hairstyle. I'm looking forward to my meeting tomorrow night. I was looking at my starting weight and realized I have 1.25lb left to reach my for 10lbs lost goal again instead of 1/2lb, not sure why I thought that, guess just wishful thinking. I walked monday, just not as long as I would have liked since I still had to get grocery. Then Tuesday I had such a headache that I just came home and rested. And today I've been mowing the yard. I worked on watching what I ate this week, which has been perfect but better. I'm thinking I may have to start fixing me one thing for dinner, then something else for the hubby. He doesn't like some of the healthier food I make. So I'm going to stock of on some frozen veggies, chicken and steak, so I can make stir fry for me when I need something quick. I've been eating flatbread wraps for lunch the last two days, and I love the way the flatbread taste. I'm hoping to use of to make a pizza with, I've heard several people say they are good. I hope you ladies are having a good week and keep you the awesome work.

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