Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting My Groove On

I have started getting back in the groove of my walking/running training again. Yesterday at our clinic we done a magic mile, which is just measured mile in which they time you. I done my mile in 19:21. Its definely not the best, but I'm working on it, we will be doing another one again soon and my goal is to shave off a minute before we do. I'm thinking about doing a 5k race this weekend, just depends if I have the entry fee. If not then I'll do on April 24th so I can see how I'm doing before the main one I been planning on doing May8th. So I walked 2 miles yesterday. Today I walked/jogged a mile and rode my bike for 1 mile. I wanted to lift some weights, but by the time I walked and rode my bike, mowed part of the yard it was time to start dinner. I also upped my water intake this week since its starting to warm up, I drunk 128oz today. I'll be waking up a half dozen times tonight, but its all good. I have my weight in on Thursday night, the first one I had in three weeks and I'm nervous, I'm hoping I lost, but nervous I haven't. I know its not all about the number, but getting fit and becoming health. But when you have been battling the same 10lbs for almost 9 months your ready to get on with it. The battle of the same 10lbs is partly me not watching what I'm doing and partly because of medical conditions. I'm hoping things will start progressing for me soon. Need to shower and get all the grass off me and head off to get a good night sleep. Check in with you tomorrow hopefully.

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