Monday, April 19, 2010

Hairstyle Change when I meet my goal. Help me decide PLZ.

I've decided to set up some rewards for when I meet my mini goals I have set for myself. My first mini goal is to to get back to 10lbs below my heaviest weight of 232, I like .50lb, hoping to hit that Thursday night when I weight in. And if I do I'm plan on getting a new hairstyle. I have the same cut since middle school basically. I just can not decide how to cut it so I'm going to post some that I sort of like and want everyone to give me their opinion. I posted an album on my facebook and I'm going to link it here so its easier for me, having a hard time trying to upload them. The album is here Leave me a message on the ones you like the best. And here are some photos of what I look like now and what me hair looks like now

Thanks for your help ladies.


that TOPS lady said...

yay! It will let us leave comments now! :) Glad you got it fixed.

266 said...

I couldn't access the second link so I'm not sure what to vote for as I don't know what your hair looks like now... :(

Thanks for posting this though! I am in the exact same boat and was thinking about styles very similar to the ones you posted! You seriously just provided me with an awesome resource!!! (Scary to think about such a big change though, isn't it?)

Rettakat said...

I use Facebook, but couldn't figure out how to leave a comment on my favorite.

I really liked #7, and think it would look nice with your face shape and coloring. :-)

And ditto yay, we can now leave comments!