Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another Week Down

Well I've survived my third week of motherhood. I couldn't be happier to have such a wonderful daughter in my life now. I'm going to be working getting her and I on a schedule/routine this week. I see many moms do it and I don't see how they do but thats my goal for the week. Now onto the matter at hand. I went to TOPS thursday night and we had a nice meeting. Drumroll please I stepped on the scale and lost 3lbs for the last 2 weeks. I'm down to 216. So I'm hoping to reach my goal of 2oo by Christmas. I have my goals listed on the goal pages and will be getting my other pages updated this weekend hopefully as well. Hope everyone has a great Saturday. Going to put my girl in our stroller and go for a test drive and then enjoy the Arkansas Razorback games this evening hopefully.

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Season of Life

Hey everyone. I'm back from a 9 month vacation. I decided not to blog since this was indeed to track my weight loss while I was pregnant. I'm happy to say my baby girl arrived 3 weeks ahead of schedule on Aug. 16. She is an angel sent by God to me. I'm happy to say that at by two weeks after having her I'd lost the 17lbs I had gained with her. I can fit in a few of my prebaby clothes but because of my hips expanding most of my jeans, shorts and carpi's don't fit yet and they may never again. I'm now going to start focusing on losing another 19 lbs or so before Christmas. I would like to be at 200lbs at Christmas. I believe this to be a reasonable goal for me. I have several ways I plan on keeping myself accountable one being my blog, two my weight loss group TOPS, and three my mom and I are having a contest with each other. On my moms and I's contest whoever has the highest percentage of weight loss by the time we go Christmas shopping that person has to buy lunch.

My weight on Aug. 25 was 219. I did not attend my weight loss meeting last week but plan on attending this week.

I'll update my weight Thursday or Friday after weighting in.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finally An Update

Its been a rough couple of months my weight loss hasn't been the best. But I have a good excuse for not losing now, I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant. Its funny before I know we had our first TOPS meeting of the year and we were talking about what we wanted for ourselves this year. I wrote in my journal that this would be my year. I just didn't know at the time I was already a couple weeks pregnant. I'm so excited and so scared at the same time, since they consider me a high risk pregnancy. I was so happy when I was able to hear the heartbeat when I went to the dr last Thursday. I go back in 4 weeks and we will do the first round of screening for birth defects. I'm having mixed emotions on this right now. Tomorrow I will do a weekly update on how things are going.

Now for the rough part, as of tomorrow my husband and I will no longer have a job. I know this is a blessing in disguise. We have some money saved and will be able to draw unemployment for a little while to till we can both find something.