Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My week so Far

Thanks for the input on my hairstyle. I'm looking forward to my meeting tomorrow night. I was looking at my starting weight and realized I have 1.25lb left to reach my for 10lbs lost goal again instead of 1/2lb, not sure why I thought that, guess just wishful thinking. I walked monday, just not as long as I would have liked since I still had to get grocery. Then Tuesday I had such a headache that I just came home and rested. And today I've been mowing the yard. I worked on watching what I ate this week, which has been perfect but better. I'm thinking I may have to start fixing me one thing for dinner, then something else for the hubby. He doesn't like some of the healthier food I make. So I'm going to stock of on some frozen veggies, chicken and steak, so I can make stir fry for me when I need something quick. I've been eating flatbread wraps for lunch the last two days, and I love the way the flatbread taste. I'm hoping to use of to make a pizza with, I've heard several people say they are good. I hope you ladies are having a good week and keep you the awesome work.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hairstyle Change when I meet my goal. Help me decide PLZ.

I've decided to set up some rewards for when I meet my mini goals I have set for myself. My first mini goal is to to get back to 10lbs below my heaviest weight of 232, I like .50lb, hoping to hit that Thursday night when I weight in. And if I do I'm plan on getting a new hairstyle. I have the same cut since middle school basically. I just can not decide how to cut it so I'm going to post some that I sort of like and want everyone to give me their opinion. I posted an album on my facebook and I'm going to link it here so its easier for me, having a hard time trying to upload them. The album is here Leave me a message on the ones you like the best. And here are some photos of what I look like now and what me hair looks like now

Thanks for your help ladies.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Challenge Update Week 2 and TOPS SRD Convention

We didn't have our weekly TOPS (means Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) due to we had our TOPS SRD Convention over the weekend. But our leader did meet me and another lady Wednesday so we could weight in and I was down 1.50 lbs. They start off by doing a boat ride down the Arkansas River and had a light dinner of sandwhiches and chips. I was unable to make it Thursday, but drove up early Friday morning. They had schedule a group walk at 6:30 along the Arkansas River out back of our hotel, I didn't make it time to walk with them, but did walk on my own, it was nice. Then went up to my room to shower and get ready for the day. We had several good speaker and I had lots of inspiring stories. I decided I will be making myself an inspiration board this week. Then Saturday was the award ceremony, and the crowning of the queen and king for the year. It was amazing seeing the people who has reached their goal and had made KOPS status(which means keeping off pounds sensibly). I'm so glad I was able to go, not sure if I can go next year, they announced the theme for next year and I think it will be a blast. I love our theme this year, which was Flip Flopping from TOPS To KOPS. I will post some pictures of our costume we did for our theme parade.

Now for my challenge update.
1. Eat a well balanced breakfast each day. (I had breakfast most days, need to work on them some more)
2. Cardio Exercise at least 30 minutes a day( 4 out of 7 days)
3. Add strength training 3x a week (1 day)
4. Drink 8 (8oz) glasses of water a day (yes, but I backed off from last week where I was doing over 100oz a day, which lead to my 2 pound gain last week)
5. Do two 5k races (planning on doing one April 24th and May 8th)
6. Save 5 dollars a week ( check)
7. Spend quite time with God (need to work on this)
8. Read weight loss related information for more ideas and support (Just started Believe It, Be It, by Ali Vincent from the THE Biggest Loser)
9. Go to my TOPS meeting (didn't have one last week 4-15 but did go to our convention this weekend.)

Now for pictures from this weekend.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Recap and Its been a Monday

I got up and moved on Saturday and done a few thing not many around the house, I was so tired and just felt drained after mowing, not sure why since I was on a riding mower. I had planned on going to church sunday, but I woke up with a horrible headache, so I spent the morning laying around. Then I done a few things around the house. I had wanted to get my grocery shopping done but that didn't happen.

Today started off horrible and my day stayed the way. When I got off I headed into town a little early, to get to park ahead of the rest of my Women Can Run/Walk Clinic. I wanted to get some extra walking in before my group got there. I had to talk myself into keep moving. I ended up doing a total of 3 miles today. It felt so nice once I got done.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Challenge Update Week 1

Well I went to my TOPS meeting today. We had induction of officer. I'm our new co-leader, which means I'm going to put more pressure on myself to set a good example and losing weight. But this week was not a good week for me on the scale I was up 2lb this week, which I have weighted in 3 weeks, I was so upset with myself. I know I have made some bad decision, but I had upped my water intake and upped my workouts so I'm not sure what happened. We are not having a meeting next week because is time for State Recognition Days in Little Rock, so most people was going to be there Thursday thru Saturday. So we decided the one that want to weight in for accountability will do a weight in Wednesday night and then leave. I don't want to go more than a week not weighting again. I plan on keeping my water intake up and trying to up my workouts more this week. I will sat down this weekend and plan out my menu for next week, meaning breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and I will stick to it. I will get things prep on Sunday after I do my grocery shopping. Now onto my challenge check-in.

1. Eat a well balanced breakfast each day. (I had breakfast most days, need to work on them some more)
2. Cardio Exercise at least 30 minutes a day( 4 out of 7 days)
3. Add strength training 3x a week (1 day)
4. Drink 8 (8oz) glasses of water a day (check got all my water in and then some)
5. Do two 5k races (planning on doing one April 24th and May 8th)
6. Save 5 dollars a week ( haven't yet)
7. Spend quite time with God (almost daily)
8. Read weight loss related information for more ideas and support (Just started Believe It, Be It, by Ali Vincent from the THE Biggest Loser)
9. Go to my TOPS meeting (didn't have one last week 4-1 went to tonights 4-8)

Check in later in the week.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting My Groove On

I have started getting back in the groove of my walking/running training again. Yesterday at our clinic we done a magic mile, which is just measured mile in which they time you. I done my mile in 19:21. Its definely not the best, but I'm working on it, we will be doing another one again soon and my goal is to shave off a minute before we do. I'm thinking about doing a 5k race this weekend, just depends if I have the entry fee. If not then I'll do on April 24th so I can see how I'm doing before the main one I been planning on doing May8th. So I walked 2 miles yesterday. Today I walked/jogged a mile and rode my bike for 1 mile. I wanted to lift some weights, but by the time I walked and rode my bike, mowed part of the yard it was time to start dinner. I also upped my water intake this week since its starting to warm up, I drunk 128oz today. I'll be waking up a half dozen times tonight, but its all good. I have my weight in on Thursday night, the first one I had in three weeks and I'm nervous, I'm hoping I lost, but nervous I haven't. I know its not all about the number, but getting fit and becoming health. But when you have been battling the same 10lbs for almost 9 months your ready to get on with it. The battle of the same 10lbs is partly me not watching what I'm doing and partly because of medical conditions. I'm hoping things will start progressing for me soon. Need to shower and get all the grass off me and head off to get a good night sleep. Check in with you tomorrow hopefully.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend Recap

Well I got up Saturday morning a little later than I planned. So my packing healthy snacks didn't happen. I got around, stopped by the store and picked up the my gift for the birthday boy. Then off to quickly cleaned the car before meeting up with a friend from college, then hitting the road to batesville. We hit the drive thru at Taco Bell on the way so we wouldn't be starving, and stuff ourself with to much chips and cake at the party. But unfortunaly I choice not to make a healthy decision when I made my order. This whole weekend has been a free fall of bad eathing decision. I have to reevaluate my eating. I need to find me some healthy snacks to carry with me and plan my days better. I need to have a list of things I can order if I go out to eat. I need to control my eating out, I ate for lunch yesterday, then dinner, then lunch again today. I will have to do some major damage control the rest of the week if I don't want to see a gain on the scale Thursday night, but the damage is done. I must start focusing on making better decision and be prepared at for times like this. I did enjoy the road trip and the company that I had yesterday. Now it time to get ready for a new week.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Not such a Good Day

This morning started out okay, I didn't get up as early as I intended and therefore didn't have time to work out this morning. I did manage to have a nice breakfast before heading in for what I knew was going to be a stressful day at work. Sure enough it was and then some, this afternoon in the middle of me bring ready to pull my hair out and threatening to through the computer out the window, I got a call my hubby was in an accident. He rear-ended someone, but he was in his dad truck since he was going to meet him for business reason. Thankful he is okay and his dad truck is not to horribly messed up, but it sent me into major panic and stress mode and what was the first thing I reached for----food of course, I didn't stop to think I didn't need it, it was just the first reaction I had. Yes I know it was wrong but I continue snacking on this all evening. I must start being more attention and stop eating when I'm stressing or whatever emotion I am at the time. I had been doing some much better up until today. I'm going to drive 3 hours tomorrow to see one of my BFF and help celebrate her sons first birthday. I'm so excited its been several months since I went to see them. So I plan on making health choice, by taking water with me and some fruit to snack on, yes I'll be honest I plan on having a very small piece of cake, becasue well truth be told I'm not big on sweets, just a little every now and then.

Hope everyone enjoys there Easter Week. And be back here tomorrow to a post for the challenge this week.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It Been a Long Couple Weeks

Sorry it been so long since my last post. We had a wonderful time on anniversary weekend,(3/19 to /21/10) till I came down with the flu and sinus infection on Sunday. Its was a miserable day coming home on Monday, when I got home I started on a z-pak, then when I went back to the doctor on thursday 3/25 she gave me a couple shots, finally got over all that this week. Needless to say I did not go to my TOPS meeting last Thursday after going to the doctor and then we didn't have a meeting tonight since it HOLY Week and we meet at a church. But I have been exercise, trying to watch what I eat and drinking my water, so I"m hoping to see a loss when I go next Thursday. I been doing some blog searching looking for others to read, that are about losing weight and I have found several good ones that I like and on of them a lady is doing a challenge so I decided to join. Loretta from Lorretta Journey is hosting the

The challenge goes for the next 13 weeks. I will be updating each week. My goals are behaviors I want to change, its not a certain weight goal. I was thinking about something to this effect after waching Ruby on the style network Sunday. She had meet with her therapist who suggested she make 5 changes to help her with her weight lose. So I'm going to pick 9 goals or behaviors I would like to change in the next 13 weeks.

1. Eat a well balanced breakfast each day.
2. Cardio Exercise at least 30 minutes a day
3. Add strength training 3x a week
4. Drink 8 (8oz) glasses of water a day
5. Do two 5k races
6. Save 5 dollars a week
7. Spend quite time with God
8. Read weight loss related information for more ideas and support
9. Go to my TOPS meeting

Thanks for issuing the challenge. I look foward to checking in every week and see how everyone is doing. I'll check in tomorrow and let you know how this week has been. I will probably do my weekly updates on Thursday.