Thursday, April 8, 2010

Challenge Update Week 1

Well I went to my TOPS meeting today. We had induction of officer. I'm our new co-leader, which means I'm going to put more pressure on myself to set a good example and losing weight. But this week was not a good week for me on the scale I was up 2lb this week, which I have weighted in 3 weeks, I was so upset with myself. I know I have made some bad decision, but I had upped my water intake and upped my workouts so I'm not sure what happened. We are not having a meeting next week because is time for State Recognition Days in Little Rock, so most people was going to be there Thursday thru Saturday. So we decided the one that want to weight in for accountability will do a weight in Wednesday night and then leave. I don't want to go more than a week not weighting again. I plan on keeping my water intake up and trying to up my workouts more this week. I will sat down this weekend and plan out my menu for next week, meaning breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and I will stick to it. I will get things prep on Sunday after I do my grocery shopping. Now onto my challenge check-in.

1. Eat a well balanced breakfast each day. (I had breakfast most days, need to work on them some more)
2. Cardio Exercise at least 30 minutes a day( 4 out of 7 days)
3. Add strength training 3x a week (1 day)
4. Drink 8 (8oz) glasses of water a day (check got all my water in and then some)
5. Do two 5k races (planning on doing one April 24th and May 8th)
6. Save 5 dollars a week ( haven't yet)
7. Spend quite time with God (almost daily)
8. Read weight loss related information for more ideas and support (Just started Believe It, Be It, by Ali Vincent from the THE Biggest Loser)
9. Go to my TOPS meeting (didn't have one last week 4-1 went to tonights 4-8)

Check in later in the week.

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