Friday, March 5, 2010


I'm so glad its Friday. I went to my TOPS meeting and weighted in last night, glad to say I turtled, meaning I didn't gain or lose. We had officer election last night, and I was elected to Co-Leader. I'm excited about it, hopefully it will me work harder each week so I can set a good example. Today was another frustrating day at work. Then tonight I went to church for the start of Walk with Jesus weekend. It was awesome, tonight sermon and small group talk was about having an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. Believe me when I say my attitude this week has been awful, so things being said to night spoke to me a lot. I can feel God working on my heart, I praying to be able hear what his plans are for me so I can do it. The rest of the walk is tomorrow form 1 to 8, I'm so looking forward to it. Then on Sunday my parents may come up for a visit so I'll have to carve out some time for cleaning and hitting the grocery store maybe before they come. Hope everyone has a great weekend. As you see I gained the courage to post my weight and measurements, am hoping to adding a spot to track my walking/running training time. Doing this keeps me accountable.

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