Monday, March 15, 2010

Progress Is Being Made

I been so busy have blogged, but taking a few minutes to share with you the events from the last couple days. I walked Thursday night, gave my group their training schedule for the rest of the clinic. Then I hurriedly went off to TOPS fearing a no weight lose week. Boy was I surprised when I got on the scale and I seen it move...........DOWN, YAH ME I lost 2lbs last week. I was so excited. Friday I spent the evening at home with the hubby taking it easy, then on Saturday made the trip to see my friend and her new baby girl. Sunday was church day came home had lunch then laid down for a nap, then my mom called which is unusal most the time I call her, I knew the moment I saw it was her something wasn't right, sure enough it wasn't my papa has had a heart attack they believe. So when she called and said he was stabilized and they were transferrring him to Texarkana and got up and took off down there. I love my papa so much after a 2 hour drive and a little bit of waiting I was able to go back and see him. After visting for a little well, and a quick bite to eat I headed home. Got back around midnight.Thankfully he will be okay, they done a heart cath on him this morning and they will put a stint in either today or tomorrow. Not sure what this means as far as our anniversary trip this coming weekend yet. Now to my menu planning, and for more ideas visit I'm An Organizing Junkie.

Monday- Meatball Subs
Tuesday- Deer Meat, Green Beans, Corn
Wednesday-Roast with potaotes, carrots and rolls
Thursday Buffalo Chicken Strips, Fries

And the rest of the week we will play by ear for now since we are supposed to be in Mount View on our anniversary vacation. I plan on cooking in the cabin if we still go and maybe eating out the day of our anniversary. We will see what happens. I hope we still go and if we do I plan on doing some hiking and taking some pictures.

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