Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Goals

I thought I would start a blog to keep a scrapbook of my journey through 2010 and my weight lose journey this year. One of my main goals is to lose weight this year. I joined TOPS back in July of 09 and had lost 10lbs by the end of December, unfortunately I gained over the holidays.I getting back on track. My meetings are on Thursday nights. So I'll update either on Thursday nights or Fridays how my week had went. I starting walking last year, I did a walking/running clinic called Women Can Run back in March that lasted till March. I competed in my first 5k race and I was hooked. I kept walking with some of the ladies I might and we done another clinic sponsored by SPA PACERS in Hot Springs, Ar. I pushed myself and done a 10k in November. I had done several practice walk/run over the course leading up to it to make sure I would be able to finish. I may not run much yet, it mostly a lot walking with some running intervals. I plan on doing the Women Can Run clinic that starts in February. In the meantime I'm still walking with a friend of mine. Looking to see if I can find a race to do again soon.

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