Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'm on a journey to rediscover the faith I had as child. I remember when I was younger and things seemed so bad, but because of my faith I always know I could survive. Unfortunately I came disconnected from God and lost myself and the way along the way somewhere. Today I'm am setting out to discover it again. I know once I get myself right with God different things will fall into place. So my blog will not only be a journey of my weight loss struggles but also my journey to rediscovering my faith. I commit myself to doing my Daily Moments in His Presence Devotions, reading my journal and praying.

My first stop of the day was at the Family Christian Bookstore, where I bought the Daily Moments in His Presence Devotions, The Love Dare, and a journal. Then off to the Grocery store I went, I prayed before I went in for God to help me spend my grocery money wisely and to help me stick with healthy foods for me. I still buy my hubby the junk food he likes, but I try to keep out anything that I would be temped to eat. So I did get me several things that I believe will make good snacks for me and things that would make on of my favorite meals a little better for me.

I need to get up and do some housework so I can make us some dinner after while and try to do a workout DVD. If the rain lets up tomorrow, I'm hoping to go for a walk/run in the afternoon. We shall see how that all works out.

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