Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ready for another week

Well its been a rough week, between me not feeling well, my walking partner not being well and our lovely weather my exercise was a dvd one or two days last week and the other days it was nothing. I did watch my eating to some extend. I was up 1/2lb but thats okay because its that time of the month for me. Glad the snow and ice has started to melt its almost all gone. I still won't be able to walk tomorrow, so I will be doing a dvd tomorrow evening. I'm working on my menu plan for the week. I received some sad news over the weekend, I"m normally am an emotional eater and I'm proud to say I didn't go pig out. I'm excited for this coming weekend I'm making a trip home for my cousin wedding, so we shall see how much temptation I can avoid. I'm not sure what I"m going to wear, I hate being the size I am, because nothing looks good on me. Well am off to finish up somethings around the house, check again tomorrow I hope.

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♥ Kenz ♥ said...

Just take it all one day at a time...:)