Thursday, February 4, 2010

Changing My Thinking

Glad to say we have internet again. I have been praying about several things lately and I believe some of my prayers may be answered. I was blessed this week with a new to me smooth ceramic top stove and a newer but still old bigger refrigerator. My house is old and falling apart, but these to appliance made me feel like I have a new kitchen, which has lead me to clean it and hopefully keep it clean. Now I'm been working on clean my old ones so we can bless someone else with them. I been reading a blog called running in the delta, and had asked her for a list of songs that she listen to when she runs, she was so kind to post them for me along with some of her readers so I will be updating my playlist and will try to post tomorrow some that I listen too as well. Tonight is my TOPS meeting and we will see how I done this week. I completed week one of the challenge over at All the Weigh, which was eating 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day, I would say I done okay 4 out the 7 days I hit my goal, the other 3 I done well on. This week challenge is 8-8oz of water, so we will see how that goes. Will update tonight or tomorrow after my meeting.

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