Monday, February 22, 2010

Planning out My Week Monday

I was way to busy this weekend to plan out my week till today. So after I walked, yes am finally back at it, I went grocery shopping for the week. Spent more than I have in a long time, but I also get a lot of food, including fresh veggies and fruits. I told you I would let you know about my wonderful weekend, so Saturday we started the day off getting me new tires for my suv then headed to Little Rock done an errand for work then headed off to do some shopping. I finally able to get me some new running shoes, then off to get the hubby some boots and a light weight jacket. Then we ate at Hooters, it was good food, but so bad for me I'll can see the scale climbing again this week. Then we came home and I ran back into Hot Springs to get our ticket for Willie Nelson and did some shopping on my on. Went to the Shoe store and got me a pair of sandals and boots that were both on clearance love it when that happens. Then on to JCPenny for some new jeans and a button done shirt to go over the top I was wearing to the concert, had a coupon plus the shirt was on clearance and the pants were on sales. I hated I couldn't find my favorite jeans in my size, but I think the one I got looked good. Sunday it was church, then home to cook lunch and read before time to get ready for the concert. We went out to eat at Coltons before hand and I think I made better decison that I did on Saturday. Then off to the concerted we went, I loved it, I was just surprised there wasn't more people there.

Me and walking buddy is planning on doing a 5k race in Benton Saturday depending on the weather. So we are walking more this week, to get ready for it. Now on the menu for the week. For more ideas visit I'm an Organizing Junkie.

Frozen Beef Ravoli with Marina Sauce and a salad

Roast with potatoes and carrots (crockpot while am at work and walking) & rolls

Baked Chicken of some kind, baked potatoes, and baked beans

Sausage & Sarukarrette, carrots, lima beans

Spaghetti and a salad

Now off to pick up my kitchen enough that I can make breakfast in the morning and prepare my lunch and snacks for tomorrow. Enjoy a couple pictures from this weekend .

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