Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well we didn't have TOPS last week but we meet tonight, I know going in to expect a gain, with the last two weeks daily struggle I've had with my blood pressure, I just know. I was hoping it wouldn't be as much as it was. I did try to watch what I ate, but this week my eating was crappy and I admit it, I felt so awful with headaches, being tired, no energy because my blood pressure was running so high and we changed medicine last week and then again this week. It has slowly came down and I"m starting to feel normal again. Yes I'm young to have blood pressure problem, but it stems from having Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome and it does run in my family, I have been dealing with since I was 18 and thats been 8 years ago. I hope and pray that this next week gets better. On a good note I did walk two days this week and me and my walking partner are doing our first race of the year on the 27th of the month its just 5k, trying to find another 10k to do soon. I did one 5k and one 10k last year and I enjoyed them both so much. Hope know that I"m starting to feel better, I can get back to blogging a little more regularly. I have an exciting weekend that am looking forward to. Going to get new shoes and hoping to get some more walking/running gear and then Sunday night we are going on our late Valentine Date, we are going to watch Willie Nelson. Will try to post some pictures this weekend.

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