Friday, September 3, 2010

Awesome Day and My First Blog Award

What can I say yesterday was a great day for me. I done a 5k walk/run and it felt awesome. Then I went to my weight loss meeting at TOPS and I was done 1.5lbs. One of the ladies there has had the lap band surgery and she was telling us some of the things that they are supposed to do in regards to their eating and one is not drink while you eat. You can drink up until you eat and then you should wait for an hour after you eat before drinking again. They say when you drink while you eat or immediately after wards you are washing the food away. So I tried doing that last week and I do believe it helped me.

And now onto my first blog award.

My very first award!!

Shrinking Blubeari gave me an award!! My very first one. :-) I feel like such a part of the blogging community now. :-D

Without further ado; the rules

1) Post who gave you the award.
I only recently started following Shrinking Blubeari. She sweet and funny. I do believe we have several things in common.
2) State ten things you like
  1. Food. Cooking it and eating it.
  2. Reading-- I can get lost in a book, once I start one I hate to put it down till its finished
  3. Running. It truly gives me joy to be able to be working toward something I've never done much of.
  4. Nature. I love being outdoors. I love to swim and love going camping
  5. Spending time with my family
  6. Reading blogs for inspiration and ideas
  7. My TOPS meeting. Such wonderful support.
  8. My dog- Jackson and my cat Sassy-- they are my children till we are able to have some.
  9. My hubby been married almost 7 yrs. Love him to pieces
  10. Friends- I have some of the best friends I could ever ask for
3) Give this award to three other bloggers and notify them with a comment

I love these ladies!!! Sorry if you've already gotten the award. You deserve it twice anyway. You guys are the best!!! :-D

Katie J@ Katie J is on her way
Jen@Suck It Up Buttercup
Shrinking Kenzie @ All The Weigh

These three are probably the first 3 blogs I started following on weight loss. They are inspirations to me. I love checking to see if they have update. Thanks you ladies

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Katie J said...

xox Thank you Maranda! It means a lot~