Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Challenge and Weight In Day

Well its Thursday which means another running clinic this afternoon before heading off to my TOPS meeting and weekly weight in. I'm tired today, helpful as the day goes on my mood and attitude will improve otherwise my run will not be fun tonight. I'm not to worried about the scale tonight, it will what it will be and it will show what it should. My exercise has not been the best, but I have improved on the eating front this week I believe so we shall see. I update my weight tonight when I get home.

Now onto the challenge I'm joining up with. South Beach Steve's Hot 100. You can check out all the details on Log My Loss here.

So my Goals for this Hot 100 Days Challenges are:

1. Track my food intake. I'm doing better on this, but have lots of room for improvement. I believe if I become more diligent with it, the scales will reflect my effort.

2. Do the 10k Spa Pace Race in November. I want to do a Run/Combo. I will decide on my run/walk minute combo as time draws closer. I did the race last year and walked the majority of it well I want to improve this year. My finish time I'm not so worried about I want to know I gave it everything I had when I cross over that finish line.

3. Exercise at least 6 days a week. So that means I need to add strength training in and that will help with my running and help me lose some weight.

I have no excuse to not being lifting weights, my hubby has an older at home weight bench that I can use, just don't so starting this weekend I will dust if off and put it to good use.

So what can/will you do in the next 100 days? Head over and join us on the challenge that carries us to the New Year. The holidays maybe a little easier to navigate since I'll have a challenge to help me stay focused.


Shelli Belly said...

We're going to end this year well. I like your goals.

The Challenge is on :-)

Christina said...

I just want to wish you the best of luck on the Hot 100 Challenge. I'm participating to so I will be back to keep track of your progress. Good luck and I hope you don't mind that I added you as one of my favorite blogs.

South Beach Steve said...

Welcome to Hot 100! Your goals are great - this is going to be a great end of the year!

Faby said...

Great Goals! Looking forward to tracking your progress!