Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Question I've been bouncing Around In My Head

The last few days I've had a couple of question that keep bouncing in my head.

One being why do I let other people affect the way I see myself. The guy that is/was leading the beginning 10k group, suggested I think hard about running with this group because they we going to pick it up and he didn't want me following behind. The clinic is supposed to be about people learning to run the time and not so much about pace. He made me feel like the Fat Chick that had no business being there. So when I ran Thursday I had a sweet lady run with me and did run with the group. I had a very hard time on Thursday. So on Monday when I meet up with the group another sweet lady who somehow know about the exchange between the man and me, told me she would run with me. She was so encouraging. I still was struggling. But the thing is I almost talked myself out of going because how the man talked to me and how I let it affect me. I made a promise to give it everything I got to the end of the clinic. I'm doing this for me as a way to up my game and get some weight off and to get back to doing something I enjoy.

Another question I've been bouncing around is why don't I do what I know needs to be done in order to reach my goal. I know I must exercise in order to lose the weight, but lately I have not been exercising much besides the 2 or 3 days I been running.

Question for my running buddies, how to you find your breathing rhythm while running?

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Deb Willbefree said...

"Why don't I do what I know needs to be done in order to reach my goal?"

Ahhh, Now there's the million dollar question. If someone has the answer to that one, do pass it on to me! :D


P.s. The runner guy needs to be enlightened. At some point, you may want to tell him or someone who supervises him how his comment felt to you. This guy seems to have forgotten that he's not training Olympic hopefuls.